A committee of Self Advocates’ was formed in February 2003 in order to educate individuals about their rights and to train Self Advocates to speak up for themselves, to educate others and to advocate for an inclusive and caring community.

What is a Self Advocate?

A Self Advocate is a person, with or without a developmental disability who can speak up for his or her rights and the rights of others who may not be able to advocate for themselves.

Our Motto:

Our past was one of silence…

Our present has a voice…

Our future is one of freedom…

Our right and our choice…



In West Nipissing Self Advocates are being educated about their rights and the responsibilities that go along with exercising those rights. They are also assisting  in educating all Self Advocates in the West Nipissing about rights that may have been restricted in the past or are currently being restricted.


The West Nipissing Self Advocates Committee strongly believes that everyone has rights and everyone should be allowed to exercise their rights.


The committee also provides / organizes training for its members on the following subjects plus many others that may be of interest to the committee and its members:






Committee members sit on various committees within Community Living West Nipissing and represent the committee at various conferences across Canada.



Anyone interested in becoming a member of the West Nipissing Self Advocates Committee can

call the advisors:

Dianne Julien-Carriere 705-753-3998 ext 216

Paulyne Charron 705-753-2837



Membership card cost is $5.00 / year.


All members are welcome to attend our meetings.  Please call the advisors for the next meeting date, time and place.


If you require supports please make sure they are available to attend the meeting with you.

Support people are required to sign a confidentiality form before attending any meetings.

Self Advocacy

Personal safety

Internet safety

Expressing yourself

Healthy relationships

Self confidence building

Relaxation techniques


Conflict resolution


Personal Hygiene

Public speaking


Privacy Laws


Fire Safety

Fire Escape Plans

Fire Extinguisher training

Speaking up for yourself

People’s First

The Council


Healthy Eating

Good vs Bad supports



Social Capital

Criminal Justice System

Assertiveness training


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