About us

Our Mission
Our mission is to be dedicated advocates to lead a community where everyone is accepted as equal citizens.
Our Vision
West Nipissing, an accepting community which respects all its citizens in their diversity, contributions and aspirations.
Statement of values and beliefs:
People who receive our services will:
•Be treated with respect and dignity.
•Be listened to in a non judgmental manner.
•Be key players in our decision making process and in guiding our efforts as a service provider.

Nothing about me without me
Quality of life:
People who receive our services will:
•Be given the information and the tools needed to make informed choices.
•Be provided with community supports based on their interests, needs and preferences.
•Be empowered to control and direct their services and supports.

Community Living West Nipissing will seek independent measures of quality and service as it relates to quality of life for people.

Rights & Responsibilities:
People who receive our services will:
•Have access to supports and education needed to exercise their rights and responsibilities.

•    •Create strong partnerships with all stakeholders
•Partnerships and collaborations will lead to opportunities and results.
•Have access to due process at all times.

The Bill of Rights will be respected at all times.